Here’s what you need to know before buying as is in Alabama.

What does it mean to buy a home as is in Alabama? Our state has some unique laws, so I want to briefly review them with you today. 

Alabama is a caveat emptor state, which means “buyer beware.” This means sellers have no responsibility to disclose anything to a potential buyer. There are exceptions for health and safety, but beyond that, sellers have no legal obligations to disclose issues to their buyers. 

In the standard Alabama contract, you can check a box that means the contract will not be contingent on inspections and no repairs are required. If you check this box as a buyer, you can expect basically nothing from your seller. 

“You can alleviate your seller’s fears without completely waiving all your rights. ”

In the paragraph that follows this box, there are two important points I was to discuss. First, the seller is making no warranties or guarantees on the property or any systems within the property. That means if there are issues with the heater or electrical system, the seller is off the hook. Second, the buyer is completely responsible for any problems with the home. This includes the termite and sewer inspections, which are both very important in our state. 

If you find a home that seems like it’s in great condition, and you want to make your offer as attractive as possible, talk to your Realtor before checking that box. You can alleviate your seller’s fears without completely waiving all your rights. 

If you have questions about today’s topic or anything else related to real estate, please call or email me. I am always willing to help!