If you're buying a home, you should follow these three tips.

If you’ve decided to start your home search, this is a very exciting time! To help you with the process, I am sharing three quick tips to make it as easy as possible: 

1. Schedule a consultation with a real estate agent. This is a step that a lot of people like to skip, but if you take the time (even just 30 minutes) to sit down with an agent, that can truly streamline the process. They can go over the steps in the home-buying process with you, and if you’ve been through it before, they can educate you on what the market looks like and help you determine the best strategy.

“These tips can streamline the home-buying process.”

2. Connect with a lender. Start a relationship with a mortgage lender so that when it’s time to make an offer, you will have a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter. If the seller’s listing agent is doing their job correctly, the first thing they’ll ask you for is a copy of that letter. If you don’t have one or have to scramble to get one, you might lose that house. 

3. Look at houses. With this part of the process, I would advise that you stick to the criteria that you’ve set for yourself, whether that is the price range, the area you’re looking in, the style of home, or a combination of all of those. You can always change the criteria over time, but sticking to them will put you on the fastest path to finding the house that you want. 

If you have questions about this or if you’re ready to start your home search, text or email me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you!