Here are three key factors about our real estate market from August.

It’s time for the September market update. We’ll be looking at the numbers around single-family homes in August for Jefferson county. There are three main things to know: 

1. More homes came on the market in August 2021 than in August 2020. That’s not a surprise; we’ve been seeing that trend for a few months, and we need that inventory to help normalize the market.​​​​​

2. We saw an increase in the number of homes sold from last year. This is good news because it shows the market is still robust enough to absorb the new homes that are being built.

“While prices flattened out, they did so at the highest price point we’ve ever seen.”

3. The average home sales price was the same as last year. That is a big surprise. Before August, we were seeing huge leaps in prices. It’s too early to tell if it’s a trend or not, but it’s a good thing to watch.

For the buyers out there, the market feels like it’s loosening up with flattening prices and more inventory. You should have more choice, which is great news. For sellers, it’s still a great time to sell your house. While prices flattened out, they did so at the highest price point we’ve ever seen.

If you have questions about any of this, or if you’d like more specific information about your neighborhood, shoot me an email or text. I’d love to help. Also, if you have any topics you want me to cover in future blogs, feel free to reach out to me.